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Future Financial is composed of a team of home loan experts and mortgage managers who can not only find you the most suitable, favourable home loan, they can also answer any questions you have about the process.

But you don’t necessarily have to come in to our office or give us a call to have your questions cleared up. The Future Financial website is also a useful repository of information for a lot of the most basic questions Australians have about the home loan process and property in general.

Whether you’re confused about what mortgage managers are, have questions about refinancing your home loan or need a primer on property investment, read below to learn more about Future Financial.

What is a mortgage manager?

Here, you’ll find out the basics of what mortgage managers do and how they can help you fulfil your property ambitions. From the definition of a mortgage manager and what kind of costs come with their service, to the unique benefits of their service and what Future Financial offers specifically, this is the only rundown of the services of a mortgage manager you’ll need.



Have a read-through of our refinancing page to find out under what circumstances Australians typically refinance their mortgages, and how this process can help you. You’ll also get a short list of the kinds of elements you’ll have to consider before deciding refinancing is the right move.

If you need a little more detail, our pages on equity, acquiring a better interest rate and debt consolidation flesh out some of these topics in more depth.


Property investment

Have you ever wondered why so many Australians become property investors, and how this decision can benefit you, too? Our property investment page outlines the unique advantages of real estate investing, important elements in the process and how the right home loan can help you invest successfully.



Our line-up of FAQs can help answer some of the simplest questions those unfamiliar with the home loan process are curious about. Check here for guidance on various processes and items, such as selling your property or certificates of currency.


Finance glossary

If you’ve ever found yourself confused by the sometimes complex jargon or technical terms that go with purchasing property, this page should be the first place to go. We define some of the most important terms involved in the mortgage industry, from A to Z.

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